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We provide services to those incarcerated while also providing services to those recently released. We are the voice and face for those who need to be heard. We understand the barriers that the incarcerated face and intend to be their voice. We will show you what struggle and success look like, being the light that shines at the end of that dark tunnel. Our dedication to providing the best products and services will always come first and foremost.

King On The Move LLC.

King On The Move is founded by 3 brothers who, at some point in their lives, have been incarcerated. 3 men who understand the trials and tribulations that a lot of our brothers and sisters face when they are removed from society. Just like most of the men and women in prison, we allowed our conditions to dictate our cognition, which led us to crime. I started this process while incarcerated. I took cognitive thinking programs that challenged the values I had established as principles. When those values started to crumble against true principles, I understood I needed to make changes to what I considered important.

King On The Move depicts the trials and tribulations that we, as kings and queens, face when we put our prydymes into action. We are the embodiment of living and learning from our mistakes. Even free, we have not forgotten those who still live the reality of prison.

Steven King

After 20 years in prison, I’ve learned that risk does not equal reward. I lived and breathed on the streets, sometimes willing to risk my own life for a satisfaction that never came, and wasn’t worth it.

While incarcerated, I did some self-reflection and learned I needed to make some changes in order to become a better father, son, brother, and all-around human being. I took cognitive thinking programs (the challenge program, over 500 hours of programming, and The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, written by Steven Covey), just to name a couple. I was released on 6-18-21 armed with a purpose. Firstly, to reestablish family ties, become a productive citizen, and to never forget the ones I left in the struggle. Since my release, I have acquired my Class A CDL.

This Company is the voice for my brothers and sisters, whose voices are seldom heard. I remember following the election process and how every time prison reform was mentioned and promised. The guys would pay attention, pulling for one side in hopes of a second chance. However, the promises never came true and have never been spoken of since then.

It is for those reasons, and too many people to be able to express, that King On The Move is here to support you. We will fight for those incarcerated and those who are free. We offer products that represent our brand and community. We vow to be true to our core values and our core principles. Please support us in supporting our brothers and sisters who need us and our help or assistance.


Steven King

Lamar King 42

Born and raised in Hempstead, New York, I moved around South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia and began my journey in life. From being incarcerated for a few years, doing a lot of sh*t jobs, owning my own store, some real estate, and now being able to be a part of something with my bro’s “special” family tie. 

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